SLX 9640

SLX 9640

Next Generation Fixed Router

The SLX 9640 is a high capacity 100 GbE and 10 GbE Router supporting flexible configuration mix of 100, 40, 25, 10 and 1 GbE. It provides up to 900 Gbps switch fabric capacity with up to 4M IPv4 and 800,00 IPv6 routes, concurrent in hardware and 6 GB of tunable, ultra-deep packet buffers in a 1U form factor.

Visibility, Analytics, Management

Integration into Extreme Management Center enables end to end management, monitoring, analytics and visibility of the entire network, from the network edge, to the data center and the cloud. It provides a true single pane of glass interface reducing administration, faster problem resolution and an end to end network view.

Highly Flexible Architecture

Designed for optimal operations, supporting diverse deployment options—such as Internet border, collapsed border routing and data center interconnect, and network packet broker aggregation deployments- that require deep buffering for lossless forwarding, advanced MPLS, Carrier Ethernet features or VXLAN network virtualization overlays, and greater bandwidth.

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