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FusionCube DB

FusionCube DB

Huawei FusionCube DB is a database infrastructure that integrates computing, storage, network, and management functions. It supports mainstream databases such as IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase IQ, SAP HANA, DM, and Kingbase ES. Thanks to powerful database servers, flash-optimized storage servers, high-speed InfiniBand networks, and innovative distributed storage software, FusionCube DB provides superb performance, high availability, and elastic scalability. Unified resource management simplifies database system deployment and management and allows for flexibility and ease of use.

High Performance

Based on distributed storage, FusionCube processes I/O operations in parallel, eliminating the I/O performance bottlenecks between compute and storage nodes. It also provides high-speed NVMe SSD storage and high-bandwidth, low-latency 56G/100G InfiniBand networks.

High Availability

FusionCube uses multiple data security mechanisms (multi-copy or EC for data redundancy) to prevent data loss caused by storage node faults. It also provides industry-leading data rebuild capability, taking less than 15 minutes to rebuild 1 terabyte of data.

High Scalability

FusionCube can be configured with at least two database nodes and three storage nodes. With the increase of data, FusionCube can be expanded on demand, expanding from a small system to a super-large system, with performance increasing linearly.

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