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OceanStor 5000 V5 Series Hybrid Flash Storage Systems

OceanStor 5000 V5 Series Hybrid Flash Storage Systems

The new generation of mid-range hybrid flash storage, providing reliable and efficient data services for enterprises.

Cloud-ready operating system, flash-enabled performance, and intelligent management software, delivering excellent functionality, performance, efficiency, reliability, and ease of use.

Satisfies the data storage requirements of large-database OLTP/OLAP, cloud computing, and many other applications, making it a perfect choice for sectors such as government, finance, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Multi-Level Convergence

Convergence of SAN and NAS, heterogeneous storage systems, primary and backup storage doubles system efficiency. Gateway-free converged active-active solution guarantees 24/7 stable operation of services.

Excellent Performance

The flash system design ensures rapid response to core services. With outstanding scalability, OceanStor 5000 V5 can be equipped with a maximum of 8 controllers, 4 TB of cache, and 2,000 disk drives, supporting million-level IOPS.

Intelligent Services

Huawei’s OceanStor 5000 V5 employs its eService to support intelligent device management throughout the entire lifecycle (plan, design, operation, and maintenance), and accelerates cloud transformation of enterprises with hybrid cloud solutions.

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