NetApp H610S-2

NetApp H610S-2

The pace of innovation has raised the bar on expectations for IT and service delivery. To cultivate business growth while meeting expected demands, IT architects are looking for new ways to scale dynamically in order to deploy applications faster while maintaining performance and enabling self-service models. While companies are increasingly looking toward the cloud to solve many of these problems, the speed of cloud adoption is limited by regulations, cost, and complexity.

The NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage system is architected for rapidly transforming environments. As the foundation for your private cloud infrastructure, SolidFire allows independent scaling, consistent performance, and automation integrations, giving your infrastructure the flexibility and consistency to scale as a service provider. SolidFire enables you to get closer to the speed and simplicity of business in the cloud while exceeding the demands of keeping your data on premises.

Fewer Headaches—More Customer Satisfaction

SolidFire simplifies how you grow your infrastructure, eliminating the pain and headaches of forklift upgrades. With the ability to mix nodes within a cluster, you can incrementally scale for performance or capacity, when your business demands it—no resource planning or downtime required. Powered by Element® software, your SolidFire system will consistently deliver performance to hundreds of applications, through boot storms and unplanned events. Each volume is configured with minimum, maximum, and burst IOPS values through the Element quality of service settings, ensuring uptime across all applications running on a consolidated system.

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