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Deeply integrated with Veritas NetBackup and Enterprise Vault

Access provides a seamless, end-to-end long-term retention (LTR) storage solution that reduces TCO while assuring RPO/RTO objectives.

Access intelligently integrates NetBackup’s embedded deduplication technology—improving storage efficiency and effective capacity by as much as 50X.

Improve SLAs

Achieve superior service levels without breaking the budget.

  • Reduce RTO (Recovery Time Objective) with near-primary storage performance.
  • Replace tape-based tieriary storage products with a cost-efficient, higher-performing, on-premises solution.
  • Support diverse environments and applications through heterogeneous infrastructure and protocol support.

Manage LTR Risks

Reduce risk associated with data that must be stored and produced for compliance, security, governance, legal and business continuity.

  • Eliminate uncertainties associated with restoring from aging tapes or tape hardware.
  • Seamlessly move data to and from private and public cloud platforms with complete data visibility.
  • Store critical data on-prem with a resilient and scalable platform.
  • Reduce risk with an end-to-end backup and LTR from the trusted market leader, Veritas.

Reduce Costs

Lower costs by replacing aging and inefficient infrastructure.

  • Replace aging, expensive-to-maintain infrastructure with Veritas end-to-end data protection solutions.
  • Seamlessly tier to cloud without additional costs while maintaining deduped data effciency.
  • Deploy a solution with performance comparable to primary storage at the cost profile of tape/cloud.
  • Choose your deployment model: turnkey appliance or bring-your-own hardware software-defined

Long-term data retention

A multi-tiered LTR approach reduces complexity and lowers costs by aligning storage strategies in backup, archiving, recovery and retention with the needs of individual organizations.

  • Ensure cost-effecitve long-term data retention.
  • Resilient solution that is scalable and elastic.
  • Retain critical data on premises for optimum SLAs while tiering ancillary data to the cloud.

Primary archive store for Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault and Access combine to deliver a feature-rich solution for archive including:

  • A WORM-compliant and flexible storage solution for retention.
  • Automate and leverage classification features that are integrated into EV and Data Insight.
  • Resilient solution that scales from TBs to PBs to ensure archive data is always on and always available.

Tape Replacement

The cost-effectiveness of Access gives customers the opportunity to reduce—or entirely eliminate—tape in their backup infrastructure while maintaining existing backup software investments.

  • Highly scalable, on-prem storage makes it easy for organizations to scale up and scale out performance and capacity.
  • Multi-cloud capabilities in Access enables enterprises to embrace cloud adoption both on-prem private cloud and across a range of leading cloud service providers.
  • Disk-based retention eliminates the complexity and risks of tape storage, allowing you to meet stringent recovery time and reliability SLAs

Video Surveillance

Tackle the exponential growth of valuable video assets economically and safely.

The Access 3340 Appliance is cost-optimized and tuned for on-prem LTR of video surveillance data.


The Access Appliance is cost-optimized and tuned for high-capacity, long-term retention workloads such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Vender Neutral Archives (VNA) archive tiers.

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