Блейд-серверы UCS серии B

Повышение производительности серверов с помощью гибкой масштабируемой архитектуры и снижение совокупной стоимости владения.


Блейд-сервер Cisco UCS B200 M5

he Cisco UCS B200 M5 Blade Server delivers performance, flexibility, and optimization for deployments in data centers, in the cloud, and at remote sites.

Блейд-сервер UCS B480 M5

The enterprise-class Cisco UCS® B480 M5 Blade Server delivers market-leading performance, versatility, and density without compromise for memory-intensive mission-critical enterprise applications and virtualized workloads, among others.

Cisco UCS Mini

Cisco UCS Mini is optimized for branch and remote offices, point-of-sale locations, and smaller IT environments.

Шасси для блейд-серверов UCS серии 5100

The Cisco UCS 5100 Series Blade Server Chassis is a crucial building block of the Cisco Unified Computing System, delivering a scalable and flexible architecture for current and future data center needs.
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