Prisma SaaS

Prisma SaaS

Bridge the SaaS security gap

Since software as a service is so easy, use of SaaS applications is exploding. Because of that simplicity, though, the security risks of SaaS are also on the rise. Unsanctioned SaaS apps can expose sensitive data and propagate malware, and even sanctioned SaaS adoption can increase the risk of data exposure, breaches and noncompliance.

By offering advanced data protection and consistency across applications, Prisma™ SaaS reins in the risks. It addresses your cloud access security broker needs and provides advanced capabilities in risk discovery, data loss prevention, compliance assurance, data governance, user behavior monitoring and advanced threat prevention. Now you can maintain compliance while preventing data leaks and business disruption through a fully cloud-delivered CASB deployment.

Risk discovery and deep visibility

Palo Alto Networks provides unparalleled visibility and precise control of all applications, including SaaS as one of the many application categories supported through an extensive library of application signatures. Easy-to-navigate SaaS usage dashboards and detailed reporting help rein in shadow IT risk and get you started on your journey to securing SaaS applications. In addition, discover risks at a much deeper level with complete visibility across SaaS applications of all user, folder and file activity, generating detailed analysis that helps you quickly determine if there are any data risk- or compliance-related policy violations.

Data protection & leakage prevention

Define granular, context-aware policy control to drive enforcement as well as quarantine users and data as soon as violations occur. Prisma SaaS can secure your applications by classifying data and monitoring usage through machine learning and an advanced data loss prevention (DLP) engine. This enables detailed visibility of risk and usage reporting that can then be acted on per instance, manually or as an automated response.

Data governance and compliance assurance

Enables you to quickly and easily satisfy data risk compliance requirements, such as those related to GDPR, PCI, PII or PHI data, while still maintaining the benefits of cloud-based applications.

User behavior monitoring

Heuristic-based user behavior monitoring and alerting enable you to easily identify suspicious behavior, such as logins from unexpected regions, unusually large usage activity or multiple failed login attempts, indicative of credential theft.

Advanced threat prevention

Integrated across the platform, the WildFire® service provides advanced threat prevention to block known malware and identify and block unknown malware. You can keep threats from spreading through SaaS applications, preventing a new insertion point for malware. New malware discovered is automatically shared with the broader enterprise security tools, strengthening your overall security posture.

Prisma SaaS functions as a multimode CASB, protecting both access and usage of SaaS applications and preventing data leakage by minimizing the wide range of cloud risks that can cause breaches. With a fully cloud-delivered approach to a cloud access security broker, you can ensure SaaS applications are secure and threats and data leaks are prevented.

Prisma Saas

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