PA-7000 Series next-generation firewalls enable large organizations and service providers to secure high-performance, business-critical environments, such as large data centers and high-bandwidth network perimeters.

Perfect blend of performance, intelligence and simplicity

Why settle for trade-offs between rock-solid security and blazing performance? PA-7000 Series appliances block known and unknown threats - including malware, exploits, and command and control - with extremely high performance.

The PA-7000 Series blends ultra-efficient software with more than 1,500 function-specific processors for networking, security, content inspection and management. The all-new Network Processing Cards in the PA-7080 deliver 35 Gbps of App-ID™ technology throughput, and each chassis supports up to ten NPCs!

  • 380/430 Gbps firewall throughput
  • 366 Gbps Threat Prevention throughput (DSRI enabled)
  • 176/210 Gbps Threat Prevention throughput
  • 144 Gbps IPsec VPN throughput
  • 192 M max sessions
  • 2.9 M new sessions per second
  • 25/225 virtual systems (base/max)

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