PA-5200 Series next-generation firewall appliances bring broad protection, high throughput, integration and innovation to high-speed data center, internet gateway and service provider deployments.

Risk reduction. Automation. Innovation. Pick three.

Don’t let the constraints of piecemeal security systems bog down security or business growth. PA-5200 Series next-generation firewalls secure your business with a prevention-focused architecture and integrated innovations that are easy to deploy and use. Now you can eliminate risks, automate workflows and take advantage of integrated cybersecurity innovations – at the same time.

  • 60/67 Gbps Firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)
  • 28/33 Gbps Threat Prevention throughput (HTTP/appmix)
  • 24 Gbps IPsec VPN throughput
  • 64,000,000 max sessions
  • 390,000 New sessions per second
  • 225 virtual routers
  • 25/225 Virtual systems (base/max)

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