SLX 9240

SLX 9240

High-density Connectivity Required by High-end Enterprise and Cloud Data Centers

The SLX 9240 is a fixed 100/40 GbE spine switch in a 1U form factor that supports 24 MB of dynamically shared packet buffer and an overall throughput of 3.2 Tbps/1.3 Bpps.

Modular, Virtualized Operating System

The SLX 9240 runs Extreme SLX-OS, a fully virtualized Linux-based operating system that delivers process level resiliency and fault isolation. The SLX-OS supports advanced switching features and is highly programmable enabling full lifecycle automation with Workflow Composer.

Embedded Network Visibility

The SLX Insight Architecture and SLX Visibility Services deliver a new approach to network monitoring and troubleshooting that makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to obtain the comprehensive, real-time visibility needed for network operations and automation.

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