Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router

Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router

Transform your network and scale beyond the physical infrastructure by virtualizing your CCAP with the Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router. Built from the ground as a cloud native application composed of containerized microservices using open-source tools, the Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router delivers nonpareil scalability, elasticity, and resilience.

Cloud Native

Designed and coded from the ground up as a composition of multiple services for elasticity, resiliency, and composability.

Containerized Microservices Architecture

Based on open, modular, standards-based software, including Kurbernetes and Docker, for rapid and agile development and deployment.

Automation and Analytics

Change the way you operate your network with real time monitoring, analysis, and remediation. Take advantage of web-scale operations with auto-provisioning, auto-scaling, and auto-redundancy.

Hardware agnostic

Written for the cloud as software independent of hardware. Compatible with bare metal and designed to be portable across multi-cloud environments.

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