Cisco 1100 Series Industrial Integrated Services Routers

Cisco IR1101 Integrated Services Router Rugged

The modularity and expansion capabilities of the IR1101 Integrated Services Router Rugged can help extend product lifetime. Its compact, modular, ruggedized design is excellent for mission-critical cases. It offers stronger industrial router security and simplified management with SD-WAN architecture, edge compute, and IOS XE.

Modularity and investment protection

The IR1101 has highly modular and expandable hardware designed to extend product lifetime. Internal and expansion modules give you the flexibility to add or upgrade WAN and storage components as technologies and your needs evolve.

A 5G-ready, dual WAN gigabit router

When provisioned with two cellular modules, the IR1101 enables concurrent connectivity to two cellular networks for WAN redundancy, enhanced data throughputs, load balancing, and differentiated services. The hardware is future-proofed to handle 5G.

Ruggedized and compact, with low power consumption.

With its small form-factor (less than 2RU) and low typical power consumption of 10 W, the IR1101 is easy to install and integrate into space- and power-constrained cabinet installations.

Software-defined WAN on the IR1101

Now you can leverage IT expertise to a broad, distributed network, operate at scale, and lower total cost of ownership. Cisco SD-WAN architecture delivers scale, simplicity, and unified management for extending enterprise networks to a distributed IoT deployment.

Open extensible platform with IOS-XE at the edge

Cisco IOS XE is highly programmable, with open and standards-based APIs, and next-generation, multilayer security built in. This unified software stack is ideal for process and workflow automation, enabling you to qualify and deploy new services more quickly.

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