Коммутаторы Cisco Small Business Gigabit SP

Cisco Small Business Gigabit SP Switches

Powerful Handling of Your High-Bandwidth Data

If your Internet connection incorporates high-speed voice over IP, video, and data connectivity, then you need a networking device that's ideally suited for a high-bandwidth environment. Cisco Small Business Gigabit SP Switches support up to 24 secure connections and are designed to get your high-traffic data where it needs to go, quickly and securely. They're specialized for an environment where multiple businesses in close proximity to each other use advanced network applications over a shared connection.

A cost-effective solution for your network, Cisco Small Business Gigabit SP Switches:

  • Work effectively with your Internet telephony, video delivery, and data transmission needs while taking up as little room as possible in your space-constrained environment
  • Allow you to manage the traffic and protocols running through your network with the highest level of specificity
  • Use advanced security features to keep your network free from external intruders and rogue, Internet-based attacks

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