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6800 Security Gateway

6800 Security Gateway

Check Point’s 6800 Next Generation Firewall offers a fully integrated, unified solution tuned to deliver maximum security against 5th generation threats without compromising performance. 6800 Security Gateway provides the most advanced threat prevention security for demanding enterprise networks.

Enterprise-grade security, performance and reliability

The Check Point 6800 Next Generation Security Gateway combines the most comprehensive security protections to safeguard your mid-size enterprise.

The 6800 is a 1U Next Generation Security Gateway with two I/O expansion slots for higher port capacity, redundant fans, redundant AC or DC power supply options, a 2 x 1TB (HDD) or 2x 480GB (SSD) drive array option, and Lights-Out Management (LOM) for remote management. This powerful Next Generation Security Gateway is optimized to deliver the most advanced threat prevention to secure your critical assets and environments.

6800 Security Gateway

Prevent Known and Zero-day Threats

Zero-day protection offering network security with evasion-resistant malware detection and complete protection from the most advanced attacks, ensuring quick delivery of safe content to users.

Complete Security: Simple Offering

Flexible cost-effective bundles. Subscription and support offered together for NGFW, NGTP or NGTX (sandboxing) in either direct or collaborative premium support for 1, 3 or 5 years


Flexible I/O Options

The 6800 Turbo configuration includes 10 on-board 1 GbE copper ports and one 4x 10 Gb SFP+ interface card. Or add additional I/O as you like in the two expansion slots; 8x 1GbE copper, 4x 1GbE fiber, 4x 10GbE SFP+ or one of two Bypass (Fail-open) options.

Remote Management and Monitoring

A Lights-Out Management (LOM) card provides out-of-band remote management to remotely diagnose, start, restart and manage the appliance from a remote location. Also use LOM for remote installs of the GAiA OS.

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