26000 Security Gateway

26000 Security Gateway

Ready to battle any threat, from small to the fifth generation large scale and multi-vector attacks, our security gateways provide superior threat prevention and a unified security management. Turbo charge your enterprise with Check Point 26000 Next Generation Firewalls that combine the most comprehensive protections with data center-grade security and hardware to maximize uptime and performance for securing large enterprise and data center environments.

Data center grade security, performance and reliability

The Check Point 26000 Next Generation Security Gateway combines the most comprehensive security protections with data center grade hardware to maximize uptime while safeguarding enterprise and data center networks.

Highest port density in the industry

The 26000 is a 3U Next Generation Security Gateway with eight I/O expansion slots for high port capacity, redundant AC power supplies and fans, a 2x 1TB HDD or 2x 480GB SSD RAID1 disk array, and Lights-Out Management (LOM) for remote management. If you’re ready for 25, 40 or 100 GbE, so is the 26000 Next Generation Security Gateway - with its 40 and 100/25 GbE IO card options.

26000 Security Gateway

Prevent Known and Zero-day Threats

Zero-day protection offering network security with evasion-resistant malware detection and complete protection from the most advanced attacks, ensuring quick delivery of safe content to users.

Complete Security: Simple Offering

Flexible cost-effective bundles. Subscription and support offered together for NGFW, NGTP or NGTX (sandboxing) in either direct or collaborative premium support for 1, 3 or 5 years.

Redundant, High Performance Option

Purchase the affordable Plus package and get a base system plus three 4x 10Gb interface cards, transceivers, 3x AC power supplies, 2x 480GB SSD drives and 96 GB of memory for high connection capacity.

100, 40 and 25 GbE Connectivity

If you’re ready to move from 10 to 25, 40 or 100 GbE, so is the 26000 Next Generation Security Gateway. The 26000 Security Gateway lets you connect your 10 GbE server uplinks to your core network.

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